FM 96.1 WTCS

– About Us –

FM 96 is “The Station That Rocks”

Located in Thomaston, Maine we are playing album oriented rock (AOR) 24/7 with minimal interruptions.

More features, contests, streaming, live events and fun stuff will be provided as we go along.

– Our New Features –


Marketing / Sales

We’ll offer a place to promote your event and services here and on-air simultaneously.


A place to discuss artists, events, and everything music and nostalgia related..

Go to Forum


Photos of events, bands, merchandise, arenas, and other memorabilia.

Community Service

COVID-19. We are actively monitoring Coronavirus in our area and advising everyone to follow their current local and national guidelines. If you have flu-like symptoms, CALL your doctor for instructions and DO NOT go out into the public. Check on your neighbors and do not hoard items. (I mean TP? Really? That is NOT a symptom for Coronavirus.)

Event Notices

Concerts, meetings, events, public service announcements and scheduled down time for the station for maintenance.

– Contact Us –


Thomaston, Maine, USA


Station and Requests Phone:

(207) 200-5522

(Will go to voicemail when no person is in studio to take your call.)